No. But depending on the furniture, it may be part of that leather furniture you're browsing.

Leather match is a synthetic upholstery fabric that mimics the look of leather, at a fraction of the cost. It's wonderfully versatile for giving a modern twist to stately furniture because it can be dyed virtually any color!

Leather, on the other hand, can't be beat for durability or for that soft, buttery feel that comes with age.

Some manufacturers offer the best of both choices by creating pieces with real leather in the seating areas and leather match in areas that don't touch your skin.  Others recreate the leather look at budget prices with all leather match covers.

When shopping in person, be sure to ask your sales associate if the cover is 100% leather, leather-leather match, or leather match only.  If you're shopping online, check the product's specifications or, as a last resort, search for the piece by name on the manufacturer's website.

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